Terms and Conditions explained    



Article 1. Goal

  1. Sharing knowledge and support of the Multi Level Marketing industry.
  1. Recommending / Promoting Multi Level Marketing companies, which have been screened by MLMteam4U. mlmteam4u.com is a domain that has been created by committed entrepreneurs who give support to and monitor members who registered for free at :   MLMteam4U     Please mention “mlmteam4u” together with your request in the subject field.
  1. Build a strong team to work together and help each member in getting the most benefits offered by proven strategies.
  1. Organize offline and online workshops to educate and accommodate affiliates with modern technology to realize financial freedom.
  1. MLMteam4U encourages distributors to realize above mentioned goals by using all possible media and technology.

 Article 2. Promotion.

*A* All  members need to promote a good reputation of mlmTEAM4u with the business models recommended by MLMteam4U. Marketing and promotion will always be performed according to general interests by MLMteam4U, however “Terms and Conditions” from MLM-companies will override these strategies. MLMteam4U will not support discord, deception, deceit and also unethical and immoral practices.

*B* To promote products or services from different companies that MLMteam4U supports, MLMteam4U recommends to use the tools indicated for that company. If any member develop his/her own promotional system, please notify and share their intentions with MLMteam4U.

*C*  MLMteam4U does not allow any violation regarding of the size or quantity, which can harm one or more members. All distributor’s promotional material should be demonstrated to MLMteam4U before being used. Eventhough a distributor has a written approval, it would be highly appreciated to show their material to MLMteam4U.

          Article 3. Switching from sponsor

Switching from sponsor, when joining another company promoted by MLMteam4U is permitted. A request on switching sponsor must be done with a valuable reason. Sponsoring a member in one branch doesn’t mean that this person will always be your downline in other branches. The affiliated has the freedom to choose another sponsor in each branch. Experienced MLM-sponsors should communicate with each other on this matter.

Switching sponsors are considered under 2 circumstances:

Your sponsor declares (partly or completely) not to be interested in multi level marketing anymore. In this case you will move up to the next available position (upline) under the same company.

A sponsor declares (partly or completely) not to be interested in any of the companies promoted by MLMteam4U. In this case you should wait 2 days before signing up his referral, especially when known that this person has a different sponsor in another MLM-company. If this is his first affiliate program, he can be signed up immediately.                         

Article 4.  Conflict of interest.

Members of MLMteam4U are free to affiliate / participate in other MLM opportunities being promoted by MLMteam4U. The goal of MLMteam4U, is to reinforce one’s knowledge on multi level marketing systems, so that each member will be able to work efficiently, according to the ”Terms and Conditions” of each company.

Article 5. Crossing each other.

It is not allowed to move from one leg or sponsor to another section in your network tree. Even if it happens under the same sponsor or sponsor’s family, friend etc. This is an unethical act. This can be accepted only if it happens according to the rules under article 3.

Article 6.  Sponsoring.

Each active distributor has the right to sponsor and sign up a person in any of the promoted MLM-companies.

Each affiliated person has the right to choose his/her sponsor. If any dispute between two sponsors regarding the preferred signed up member, MLMteam4U will attempt to solve this by the persons file records with dates and names, considering the rules under article 3. Always ask the referral by whom he/she was invited or send them to our website and fill in the corresponded form. Our CEO team will always be available to intermediate.

Article 7. Membership

  1. Everybody can become member of MLMteam4U, taking in to consideration that some companies accept persons from 13 years or above. In case of minors, the parents will be responsible for their children. Why we accept children is to help them develop their mindset and skills at an early stage.
  2. An active member of MLMteam4U is considered someone who attends to meetings, or connects regular with MLMteam4U by any method of communication.

 Article 8. Behavior

One primary demand is that each affliliate must behave according to the human norms and values. They should comply to our ” form of values “. One or more bad behaviors can have consequences not to be wanted in our team. Good conduct is a must in our team. Anyone can be dismissed from our team by sending us an email. Our management team has authority to terminate any membership at anytime to members that break our rules.

 Article 10. Financial Means

MLMteam4U doesn’t charge for membership, but to be a connected member we advise you to be part of one of the MLM-branches that we promote or recommend. If any compensation is required by means of any utility or external service, needed to grow our organization it will be discussed with members.

 Article 11. Rules:

The rules and also the “Form of Values” can be changed and/or adapted by the Directors at any time if necessary.

 Article 12. Commercial Responsibility:

Members of MLMTeam4u are not responsible if one or more companies which have been recommended by our them, by one or other means stop their existence.

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