· It’s not a vitamin

· It’s not a mineral

· It’s not a herb

· It’s not a phytonutrient

· It’s not a drug


Transfer Factors  are the smallest molecules in colostrum. Every mother who breast-feeds her infant passes on her own immunity – in fact she passes on all of the information her immune system has gained during her lifetime. This process begins with the first milk; The pre-maternal milk called colostrum. The most valuable of the “immunity weapons” in colostrum are the smallest molecules called Transfer Factors. Transfer Factor is not a drug, it is a food to support immune system. Transfer Factor is an all natural substance that works by “teaching” your own immune system to identify infectious agents that attack your body every day.
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     Transfer Factor
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Why are these products better than other products on the market ?

Scientists around the world have conducted numerous studies to research the effectiveness of transfer factor molecules. Scientists have continued this legacy by commissioning third-party studies and in-house scientific tests to understand just how well Transfer Factor® products interact with specific immune cells. The company’s progressive science and pursuit of patent protection strengthen the product and the business opportunity. Patents reinforce the company’s credibility in the wellness industry and demonstrate the company’s long-term commitment to exclusivity and stability. We have nine worldwide patents, and dozens more pending.

Most of these targeted products are in the PDR

Yes, most of the transfer factor contained products are featured in the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR). The 2013 listing provides important details about Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula, lists a number of Transfer Factor® products, and includes synopses on several scientific studies.

What does this mean for your business?
• Distributed to 500,000 physicians in the United States, the PDR is a highly-valued resource within the medical community.

The Transfer Factor® PDR listing is a great way to connect with customers, new prospects, and medical professionals.

• Of 80,000 physicians questioned in a 2010 usage study, 99% reported that they use the PDR, with 82% using it at least once a week and the average subscriber using it at least three times every week.

• This continued inclusion brings credibility and scientific validation to the products and financial opportunity you share every day.

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