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4x4HealthProfit is a strategy that works perfectly with the payplan from the company that we are dealing with, which you can find under Shop. This company has one of the best and most stable pay plans in the history of Network Marketing, making you fast profit when done right. Before explaining this strategy we will share a video about Network Marketing for the newbies. Advanced marketers can scroll down and understand the 4x4HealthProfit structure. Other names for Network Marketing is Affiliate Marketing Programs, Multi Level Marketing or mlm etc., so don’t get confused. After watching the video you can read our terms and conditions to get a better idea of our agreements and commitments to you.


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What is Network Marketing ?



Building in depth (vertical) or in width (horizontal) ?

Many leaders teach to build your legs down deep rather than width because it’s what they have been taught by the companies or other leaders, with one of the reasons that you might run out of prospects when building horizontal, without analyzing the pay plan in a smart way. If all affiliates were to build deep with this particular compensation plan, it will primarily benefit the company but if they build 4×4 (4 by 4) which is 2 levels deep, and repeat this horizontally it will primarily benefit the team and then the company. Would you rather rank first and then make money or make money first and then rank… that’s what I thought, profit and then ranking. If profit keeps growing, you will rank at some point. From every 10 persons, 2 will mind their “ego” and 8 will look at their “situation”. This gives you a much bigger chance to build a team, because they are making money. In this pay plan that we are promoting, our advice is to understand the simple, yet powerful strategy of 4x4HealthProfit and commit to it.


Building your team with a “4x4healthprofit” structure:

On the next image you will see our strategy that is being projected in a 4 by 4 structure to speed up profit. In your 1st month you will drive a 4×4 team, 2 levels deep and earn a minimum of  $508,- without even including level 3 where they pay 5% . In your 2nd month you will build another 4×4 and be paid a minimum of $916,-. In your 3rd month you will build another 4×4 and be paid a minimum of $1324,- and as long as you keep this sequence your income will be increasing. Our goal is to give you all support needed to build your team fast, making you $508,- in your first month and help your team duplicate the system. With smart work and dedication you will have a couple of legs going deep on autopilot, covering the vertical growth, while you are focusing on your horizontal growth. We will give you full support to achieve powerful results.

If you are able to get 4 committed persons and these 4 persons get their 4 committed persons, you will earn $508,- within the first month, taking into account a $150,- investment per individual on high quality products. All you need to do is make up your mind and commit to the 4x4healthprofit system. Don’t start your business unless your team of 4 and their team of 4 are ready to invest within that same month and please avoid the doubters. In your 2nd month you will be up and running with your own domain name, professional data base, your own independant website and an extra income of $916,-.








This is an opportunity for everyone. 4x4HealthProfit is here for people who were once “nobody” to become somebody, people who were once zero to become hero and people who are successful but want more freedom of time.We believe you have the right to live your life without barriers. We make this possible by helping you to create the life of your dreams, free from restrictions and limitations, forming part of  TTT-Leaders to help others the same way.



Traditional System and barriers

It’s natural… We get so busy with life that we become accustomed to all the barriers that begin to surround us. These barriers prevent us from living the life we otherwise would. Pretty soon they become “normal,” and although we dream of the day that those barriers no longer exist, many of us don’t realize that we are actually choosing to live with them. Are you living the life you want to live?

If not, what are the obstacles in your way?

  • Financial – income loss, or current income isn’t enough
  • Time – not enough time to balance everything you have to do, should be doing, or want to do.
  • Skills – don’t have the skills to secure the life you want and don’t know where to start.
  • Opportunity – you never seem to be in the right place at the right time.


hard times


Your Life, Your Way

4x4HealthProfit combines companies with leading-edge science with the opportunity to create the life you want. We believe life is to be enjoyed rather than endured. We understand. You don’t want to live to work; you want to work to live.

With our strategy you can do what you want, when you want.

  • Attend every family event
  • Pay off your mortgage
  • Retire early
  • Be a world traveler
  • No spending limit

You no longer have to compromise.

4x4HealthProfit has the answer. You are in the right place and now is the right time.

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